Executes an NLME shotgun covariate search

  hostPlatform = NULL,
  runInBackground = FALSE,



PK/PD model class object.


Host definition for model execution. See hostParams. If missing, multicore local host with 4 threads is used.


Engine parameters. See engineParams. If missing, default parameters generated by engineParams(model) are used.


Covariate Effects Model providing the relationship between covariates and structural parameters to test (covariateModel(model)).


Set to TRUE to run in background and return prompt.


Additional arguments for hostParams or arguments available inside engineParams functions. If engineParams arguments are supplied through both params argument and additional argument (i.e., ellipsis), then the arguments in params will be ignored and only the additional arguments will be used with warning. If hostParams arguments are supplied through both the hostPlatform argument and the ellipses, values supplied to hostPlatform will be overridden by additional arguments supplied via the ellipses e.g., ....


if runInBackground = FALSE, a data frame is returned with shotgun (all combinations given the covariate model) search results, i.e. "Overall" comma separated file. Otherwise the ShotgunNlmeJob class object is returned.


if (FALSE) {
# Define the model
model <- pkmodel(numCompartments = 2,
                 data = pkData,
                 ID = "Subject",
                 Time = "Act_Time",
                 A1 = "Amount",
                 CObs = "Conc")

# Add Gender covariate of type categorical
model <- addCovariate(model,
                      covariate = "Gender",
                      type = "Categorical",
                      effect = c("V2", "Cl2"),
                      levels = c(0, 1),
                      labels = c("Female", "Male"))

# Add Bodyweight covariate of type continuous
model <- addCovariate(model,
             covariate = "BodyWeight",
             type = "Continuous",
             direction = "Backward",
             center = "Mean",
             effect = c("V", "Cl"))

# Define the host
host <- hostParams(parallelMethod = "None",
                   hostName = "local",
                   numCores = 1)

# Define the engine parameters
params <- engineParams(model)

# Define covariate model
cp <- covariateModel(model)

# Perform shotgun search
OverallDF <-  shotgunSearch(model = model,
                            hostPlatform = host,
                            params = params,
                            covariateModel = cp,
                            runInBackground = FALSE)