Piping compatible function for modelColumnMapping used to add column mappings from input data to model object

colMapping(.Object, mappings = NULL, ...)



Model (NlmePmlModel) object


Named character vector specifying valid column names in the input data. Character vector names must be valid model variable names contained in modelVariableNames(model).


optional pairs ModelTerm = ColumnName or ModelTerm = "ColumnName". Has higher precedence than mappings if some ModelTerm is mapped twice in mappings and in .... For multiple mapping, i.e. id mapping, a vector should be provided with the names of columns. See example below.


modified NlmePmlModel object


pkData$id2 <- pkData$Subject
model <- pkmodel(columnMap = FALSE,
                 data = pkData)

modelvar <- unlist(modelVariableNames(model))

colnames <- c("Subject", "Act_Time", "Amount", "Conc")
names(colnames) <- modelvar
# will map subject directly
colnames <- colnames[-c(1)]

model <- colMapping(model, colnames, id = c(Subject, id2))
# also possible:
model <- colMapping(model, colnames, id = c("Subject", "id2"))
# not recommended since only not quoted names are identified
# if both types are provided:
model <- colMapping(model, colnames, id = c("Subject", id2))