RDarwin is an R package designed to facilitate the usage of pyDarwin with the Certara NLME pharmacometric modeling engine from the R command line. The Python package, pyDarwin, is a powerful tool for using machine learning algorithms for model selection.

RDarwin defines a structure for NLME-pyDarwin usage by providing a set of R functions that can be used to specify search options across observation, dosepoints, structural parameters, fixed effects (thetas), random effects (omegas), and covariate effects. Additionally, users may execute a pyDarwin search directly from R using the function run_pyDarwin() (supports both NLME and NONMEM modeling engines).


  repos = c("https://certara.jfrog.io/artifactory/certara-cran-release-public/", 
  "https://cloud.r-project.org"), method = "libcurl")

Note: Additional installation of pyDarwin and Certara’s NLME-Engine used by RsNLME is required. Request NLME-Engine.