Certara.R School is a series of guided webinars, exercises, and interactive tutorials for the application of R in Pharmacometrics.

Why R? R is the primary programming language in the Pharmacometrician’s toolkit and offers unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and reproducibility compared to working inside a GUI alone. Learning R can be challenging at first, but Certara is here to help!

The following lessons will demonstrate how to begin using R in your Pharmacometric workflow. We will cover everything from installation/environment setup to creating interactive dashboards to communicate your analysis – let’s get started!

Note: While an RsNLME license is not mandatory to participate, many of the lectures will cover core pharmacometric workflows using the RSNLME package. License options are available for Certara.R school participants via the links below.

Learn how to access Certara.R School lesson files using GitHub Desktop in the following video.

Lesson 0: Introduction to Certara.R School

  • Webinar Date: Pre-recorded

Lesson 1: Getting Started with RsNLME

  • Webinar Date: 4/28/2022 @10am EST

Lesson 2: R Basics for PMx

  • Webinar Date: 6/8/2022 @10am EST

Lesson 3: Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Webinar Date: 6/22/2022 @10am EST

Lesson 4: Modeling with RsNLME

  • Webinar Date: 7/27/2022 @10am EST

Lesson 5: Model Diagnostics

  • Webinar Date: 8/23/2022 @10am EST

Lesson 6: Model Refinement

  • Webinar Date: 9/28/2022 @10am EST

Lesson 7: Simulation

  • Webinar Date: 10/26/2022 @10am EST

Lesson 8: Visual Predictive Check (VPC)

  • Webinar Date: 11/30/2022 @10am EST

Lesson 9: RsNLME Case Study

  • Webinar Date: 3/29/2023 @10am EST

Lesson 10: Best Practices for Reproducibility in R

  • Webinar Date: 5/24/2023 @10am EST

Lesson 11: Advanced R Markdown

  • Webinar Date: 8/30/2023 @10am EST

Lesson 12: History and Advantages of the PML Language

  • Webinar Date: 9/27/2023 @10am EST

Lesson 13: Hands-on Application of PML in R

  • Webinar Date: 12/13/2023 @10am EST