Certara University

Certara University provides public and on-site corporate training. The format of the courses can either be online, live online, and in-person at your company’s site.

In addition, customized training courses or videos on modeling and simulation can be developed for companies to facilitate your learning and development goals. Our programs are designed for novice and advanced users in the area of pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) and are taught using Certara software including the industry-standard software Phoenix WinNonlin™.


R/Pharma is an organization focused on the use of R in the development of pharmaceuticals. Visit their website to discover recent webinars and publications about the usage of R in drug development.

RStudio Community

The RStudio Community is a discussion board for asking questions about R, Shiny, and package development. If you have a question about a particular R code issue, we’d recommend starting by creating a reproducible example (or reprex). This will often help as the process of creating an example will help you think about your problem in a way that may help solve it, and will help to capture the problem in a way that will allow others to clearly understand the issue.

See here for more on creating a reprex.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question-answer site which is one of the most trusted online community for developers. It has over 50+ Million visitors every month, 51000 registered reputed developers and over 19 million answers. You can find help from some of the best developers in the industry with expertise in their domains.

Stack Overflow is an important resource for seeking answers to questions about R - in particular we’d recommend making sure your question is tagged as “R” or “RsNLME”.