Why Learn R?

Why should I learn R for pharmacometrics work? Drug development is filled with uncertainty. The best plans are routinely invalidated by the newest piece of data. Analysts need tools that are fit-for-purpose, but also flexible enough to excel in this domain of uncertainty.

R is such a tool and its popularity continues to grow across several disciplines in drug development. In skilled hands, R and its massive library of support packages provides a means to achieve levels of efficiency, quality, and reproducibility that are difficult if not impossible to achieve with less flexible tools.

R can be difficult to learn. Certara’s goal is to help users learn R by providing a rich set of tools, packages, and learning resources that ease the learning curve for R in pharmacometrics.

Learning and Support

Certara is dedicated to supporting the adoption of R for PMx workflows and actively contributes to the development of open-source R packages and learning resources.

Certara.R School

Certara.R School is a series of guided webinars, exercises, and interactive tutorials for the application of R in Pharmacometrics. Webinar topics range from general data set preparation to publishing results in RMarkdown. Click here to register for the next webinar.

Certara Forum

The Certara Forum provides access to various topics in PMx where you can engage with other users and ask questions about how to accomplish given analysis objectives in R.

Additional information for learning R can be found in Resources